About Hospitality

You don’t usually remember what you ate at a restaurant one month after your meal, but you almost certainly remember how you were served. Good service will save a mediocre meal, but a bumbling waitstaff can spoil even the most exquisite dish. That’s why, even if you dine at many different restaurants, you usually go back to the ones that made you feel special.

Hospitality is devoted entirely to the subject of professional service and how it translates into success in the restaurant business.

What you’ll find inside:

  • Over 280 pages of solid information from experienced professionals
  • Dozens of easy-to-follow tips
  • Over a dozen internal training scenarios for restaurant employees
  • A sample manual you can use in your own restaurant
  • Real-life tales from the restaurant world
  • Nine interviews with culinary industry specialists and mentors: Dr. Joanna Heidtman (psychologist), Claire Randall (former Michelin Guide inspector), Gerard Basset MS, MW, OBE (World’s Best Sommelier 2010),Bogdan Gałązka (chef de cuisine, restaurateur), Adam Jarczyński (etiquette expert), Piotr Kamecki (president of the Polish Sommelier Association), Grzegorz Kłos (restaurateur), Daniel Pawełek (restaurateur), Ronan Sayburn MS (CEO of the Court of Master Sommeliers)
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